Avatar Evolution

The Hammerhead Titanothere

About the Hammerhead

The Hammerhead Titanothere is a Rhinoceros and Terran Hammerhead Shark looking creature made up from the movie Avatar. In the movie it shows how territorial the animal is. It may not have good site but it has an acute hearing and a great sense of smell. If threatened (which happens easily) it will lower its head while charging towards the victim. This creature mostly prefers open land but will go to the rain forest to find food like fruits, leaves, shrubs, and grass. Just to put into conclusion, this animal is twice the size of an elephant from Africa.

Its Ancestor

The Titanothere's bone structure near the head are very similar to the Terran Hammerhead shark. Also its soft mouth is protected the same by a rigid jaw structure. The three sets of fins on the bottom of the shark are pretty similar to the six legs on the lower body of the Titanothere. Hammerhead sharks mostly swim in schools together, where Titanotheres also usually travel in packs.

Its adaptations

The hammerhead is 18 ft tall and 33 ft long. Its hammer part of the head is made up of cartilage instead bone. It has brightly-colored skin flaps with rigid backings that can be raised when being confronted. Its body contains 6 main legs and 4 yellow-orange eyes.