Swimming Ballet!

Be the ballerina you want to be!

Have you ever been interested in synchronized swimming?

What is it?

Swimming ballet is essentially synchronized swimming, which is coordinated dancing in water in time to music! It's extremely fun, AND a great workout!

Have you ever participated in ballet swimming before?

Are you a beginner, an advanced ballet swimmer? The skill level is irrelevant as long as you have basic swimming skills. The point is to have fun!

Who is the class for?

Anyone between the ages of 7+ who have basic swimming skills can join, both boys and girls, men and women!

How much does it cost?

The fee is only $10.00 per person, and if you bring a friend, it's buy 1 get 1 1/2 off!

Who are the instructors?

Amy Smith and Roger Williams, both retired members of the U.S Olympic Synchronized swimming team teach it! But don't be intimidated, they just want everyone to have a good time, including themselves!

Please note that this is not an actual event and is merely a project for my Lifeguarding class- do not actually go to the Y.M.C.A on this date or location, the event doesn't exist.

Swimming Ballet

Sunday, April 6th, 12-2pm

8108 Clough Pike

Cincinnati, OH

Have you ever been interested in ballet but couldn't bear the weight on your toes? Well, here's your chance! Come to the Y.M.C.A for hours of fun through expressive dancing in the pool. By the end of the class, we will recreate Swan Lake! Come prepared with a swimsuit, goggles, a towel (at minimum), and and open mind!

Prepare to dance like the professionals!

12:00pm Arrive and sign in, if not paid already, you can pay the $10.00 now. Greet everyone of your new found friends!

12:15pm Jump in the water! We will go over the basics and water safety.

12:45pm We start dancing now and practice for an our, learn our routines.

1:45pm We preform our version of Swan Lake! Video is available afterwards for purchase at a fee of an additional $10.00.

2:00pm Pack up and leave! If you want additional lessons, you can talk to the instructors then. We look forward to seeing you soon!