Teach AL "Spartans"

Madison County Career Technical Center

Career Cluster

Career Education, Computer Education, Family and Consumer Science, Health and Fitness, Business Administration

What is Teach Alabama?

Our class room is a 21st Century Technology class, we work on Labtops, and the class also have a Mac, and Wii. We have a preschool room for kids the age of 3 and 4; the maximum class size is 10. We all help out with that pre school some type of way. On Wednesday and Friday we go to our field site. We choose what grade we like to work with and go help that teacher with her class, like a student teacher.

Our Volunteer Work!

Guaranteed To Become A Successful Teacher!!!

Admission Criteria

"must possess a high level of academic achievement and the personal characteristics found in quality teachers" (AL State Dept. of Education), 2.5 GPA, Fewer than 5 unexcused absences during the past school year, Counselor recommendation

We are Spartans "Arming students with SKILLS to succeed in a global economy"

What careers will I be preparing for? Elementary teacher, Guidence Counselor, Social Worker, and ect. What will I study? Effective Leadership, Teaching Techniques, Communication Skills, and more. What will i be doing? Practicing teaching, work with a mentor teacher. Why enroll in Teach AL? Students need and deserve our best efforts and our best educators.