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Week 15 Newsletter

Our Community Day

Between the science experiments and the art projects this quarter the children are truly getting a great hands-on experience. This is our busiest quarter of the year with so much to go over. It doesn't allow for much time to explore and create in the lab. If possible allow your child the extra time during the week to finish any project they may not have been able to finish on community day. The sense of completion is wonderful for them and it solidifies what they learned on community day. We appreciate all the extra hands in making it work. If you are wondering how to begin some science experiments or art projects at home? Why not extend what they already learned. A little plaster of paris and they can form fossils of nearly anything in the house. Likewise a little tin foil and they can create a new silver leaf paintings using Angelico's technique.

The valentines were so sweet! I know my children thoroughly enjoyed all the little blessings, thank you!

Remember there is no CC next week on President's Day, however there will be a Window to Challenge program that evening if interested. Hope to see many of you at the Fondue Party!

Week 15 Lesson Plans

This is a general list of resources that your tutors used this week to introduce the Memory Work. These resources are available to all parents through CC CD's or App and CC Connected (C3) if subscribed.

History: CC Song

Latin: C3 Visual by kbrenneman83

English: C3 Helping Verbs Song by marykbry

Science: C3 Highest Mountains Song by SuzyJK

Timeline: CC Song & ASL Hand motions by RafikiPaka

Math: C3 Metric Measurements Song by tdaukas

Geography: CC Maps in Foundation Guide & C3 Middle East Song by 3mjensenfamily

Week 15 Book & Video Correlations

Here are some resources to supplement this week's memory work. These are great if your student wants to learn more and or needs to do some reading.


  1. Story of the World: Volume 2 Chapter 28 p.257-260
  2. Usborne History Encyclopedia p324-325
  3. Netflix: Mankind Episode 7
  4. Youtube: Prince Henry the Navigator


  1. Netflix: The Epic of Everest
  2. Netflix: Everest Imax
  3. Netflix: Beyond the Edge
  4. Scholastic's Everything You Need to Know about Science Homework: Mountains p.54
  5. Youtube: 7 Summits
  6. Youtube: Seven Summits


  1. ---Computer Review Game
  2. Netflix: Wildest Middle East Episode 2: Egypt
  3. Netflix: Street Food Episode 3: Haifa
  4. Usborne Geography Encyclopedia p130-131


  1. Usborne Dictionary of Math p72
Weekly Connection

This button links to a Classical Conversations document with some fun facts, and a correlation between this week's work and the Essentials and Challenge Programs. Have a look ahead and see the Foundation we are building!

Map Challenge

As a community our goal is to trace 5,000 maps this year. Remember to encourage your children to trace maps daily. This can include tracing the weekly memory work features, tracing whole continents, tracing the world map, and even blobbing.

Our current number is: 3,243

Important Dates

February 11-- Parent Fondue Night

February 15-- Window to Challenge

February 22 -- Community Day 16 : Picture Day

Week 15 Presentations

Each week a family is selected to give a 5 minute presentation during the morning opening. It can be about anything they would like to share with the group about their lives, interests, history, hobbies, etc..

Family Presentation: Trusty Family's Interview Findings of Snyder Family

Each week the students will also give a 2-3 minute presentation to hone their public speaking skills. We provide suggestions for each week, but ultimately it is up to the parent.

Student Topic Suggestion: Show & TEll: Missionary or Church History Show a picture of a missionary and tell what he or she did

Student Skill: Articulation: Speak clearly so your audience can understand you.

Encouraging Video of the Week

Essentials of the English Language, Week 1

Tip to Homeschooling Classically

How Often to Check Work

Early Elementary School

When my kids are in early elementary school, I check every few minutes. Actually I hover over the children unless I need to run off for a couple of seconds. My little ones like having Mommy right next to them watching every thing.

Hovering also allows me to correct problems immediately. I’m able to correct how my children write their letters and hold their pencils. I can see how they prefer to add math problems and listen to each letter as they sound out their phonics lesson.

I’m intimately involved in my young children’s homeschool.

Late Elementary School

Once the children are reading and writing well, I sit down with each child once a day. We run through their Latin, math, and grammar lessons. I ensure they understand what the assignments are for the day.

They’re old enough, though, that I don’t hover over my kids the entire homeschool day. Instead I send them off to complete their schoolwork elsewhere. They sit at the dining room table, the kitchen table, or curl up in the living room.

However I check on their progress throughout the day, and double check that everything has indeed been finished and corrected.

Middle School

In middle school, my kids are well able to complete their schoolwork on a daily basis without my hovering over them or checking up on them ever few minutes. Instead we touch base at least once a day.

I run through math assignments, checked missed problems from the day before, explain Latin and grammar, and ensure all the schoolwork was completed yesterday.

Basically I tutor my middle school kids once a day before turning them loose.

High School

High school has been the trickiest time period for me when it comes to independence and checking work. High school freshmen are not adults yet. They still act like children.

If you leave the schoolwork unchecked for a week, you’ll find subjects they love completed. The subjects they hate haven’t been touched.

I’ve found, through trial and error, to treat my 9th graders like they’re still in middle school. We touch base once a day.

On the other hand, by the time these kids reach the 11th and 12th grades, they’re acting like adults. I give an assignment, forget to touch base, but everything has been completed by Friday.

I no longer have to hover, touch base, or sit down with my kids daily. Checking their work once a week works well.

-Sara Dennis

Enjoy the Homeschooling Process!

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