Election News Source?

Your homework done by me.


Cruising my Facebook I came across this post:
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It caught my attention . . .

. . . I wondered who was putting this out there. The Liberals? The NDP? If not them, which interest group?

There are two directions to go with this - one is to pursue the the image; the other is to pursue the source.

I started by searching '#stopharper'. That took me to twitter.

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But that didn't tell me the origin . . ..

'Is there a way to search for the first incident of a hashtag?', I wondered.

I searched 'how to find first occurrence of a hashtag'

This brought me to this blog article by a 'Sarah Marshall' in which she linked to this app called ' Who Tweeted It First'

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Putting stopharper in that search bar . . .

. . .yielded this:
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http://stopharper.com is a dead link now . . .

. . .note that first occurrence was September 2008.

The bitly URL from Ottawa420 is also dead - and he used #stopharper in 2009. So it was used in the last election. Ottawa420 is active on boards about decriminalizing marijuana. So that is probably their interest in stopping Harper. Harper is against the decriminalization of marijuana and is, even now, in this election, making it an election issue in riding with a lot of new Canadians, with whom the move to decriminalize marijuana is popular.

I heard that on CBC Metro Morning this morning.

But . . . remember Brigitte Marcelle DePape, the page who held up the STOP HARPER sign in parliament in 2011?

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So now for the poster image . . .


Let's start truncating the URL where this image lives . . . https://www.facebook.com/NationalStopHarperCampaign/

This brings us to the FACEBOOK page for the NationalStopHarperCampaign Facebook Page


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There are a lot of controversial images on this twitter feed . . .

. . . as well as a lot of tweets from rallies, camaign office meetings and interested parties.
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