Art theory

Exploring Art, artists & cultures from the past and present

Mrs Clough explores a different presentation format for Art theory

Just wanted to see what this would be like to use as a different way of presenting information. So far, it is easy to use...but I've just started.

VCE Art class after school - poll

Have you voted on edmodo as to which day suits you best? Is there any point? Do I only offer lunchtime classes and then make other arrangements as necessary?


Quiz on Edmodo - don't forget to have a go!

Janet Hawley's "Artists in Conversation" book

Artists in Conversation is a fascinating glimpse into the lives of some of Australia's most compelling artists, including John Brack, Sidney Nolan, John Olsen, Ben Quilty, Albert Tucker, to name a few... Good easy read with interesting information about the lives of these artists.


Some of you are falling behind. You need to really give a concerted effort to catch up. Consider: this is now week 5. Have you submitted all the theory pieces?
Consider: how is your folio going?