Unit 2 Summative

Mark Santangelo


There are 3 categories that fall under Unit 2. They are why people move around and to different areas, Why different cultures make mosaics based on their traditions and culture, and Why cooperating and feuding among different groups of people to create order.

Enduring Understanding

  • Migration - People move to different based on many things. They can move based on the economy if its either poor or really good in a given area. They can also be forced to migrate. For example, deportation. If someone illegally moves to the U.S.A. and the government finds out they are there illegally, they can be forced to move back to their home country.
  • Creation of Mosaics- People create cultural mosaics to tell other people that see them stories. They also create mosaics about someone or themselves. They passed them down to their next generations to understand what the past and their culture is.
  • Balance between social groups through conflict and cooperation- There is two things social groups are good at: creating conflict and cooperating with each other. Social groups cooperate in order to stop conflict or if something gets in both their ways. They also create conflict due to a disagreement on something, like laying down their weapons.

The Future

The future can look bright but also dull sometimes. The way I see it is that there will be more conflicts between social groups and less cooperation. Due to the conflict, more people will want to migrate in order to get away from the conflict. This will then cause more people to make more cultural mosaics because they have stories to tell about why they moved and the story of what happened.

The Real World

Human migration- There's a couple of reasons in the real world that people migrate. People can be forced to migrate. For example, people can be forced to move due to violence in their area. They can also be forced by the government to leave and never go out. Also, people can move just because they want to, like for a better job or better economy.

Cultural Mosaics- People and cultures create mosaics to tell stories about what has happened. For example, some people in Africa create mosaics to tell stories that has happened to them.

The balance of forces- Some people and countries don't get along creating conflict. But other countries do get along and cooperate in order to help out. For example, North Korea doesn't really get along well with other countries and that can create lots of conflict. But The U.S. gets along with China to cooperate with them for trading goods.

Power shifting.

Power shifts in the real world in many places. Different social groups fight for that power. For example, people in Syria are fighting for government control. The refugees are leaving, making the battlefield bigger. The rebels want power and won't stop fighting until they get it. The government is falling and the rebels are getting the power they want. There can be negative or positive affects to this. The negative is that if the rebels get the power, they can be a threat to the world. But the positive is since the refugees are fleeing to safety, it will make people realize how important this and will take action.

The future

The future can be good and it can be bad. If terrorism happens in countries, the people are going to want to migrate out. They will then make mosaics if they have the culture, to tell the stories about why they moved and what really happened. With the terrorism going on, there is going to be conflict. People will take action about it and create even more conflict. Other social groups will cooperate and take down and stop the violence the terrorists have caused.

My life

Migration- I have moved but it wasn't forced. My dad found a better job and Decided to up north (from Massachusetts). We also moved up here for the no-extra-tax-with-every-purchase tax. New Hampshire pulled us to move here.

Mosaics- My family and I haven't really create any mosaics since our culture in down in Argentina. My ancestors have created mosaics about how they got there and things that have happened in the past.

Social groups- There is many social groups that I am apart of and that are around here. A couple are the Lax team, my neighborhood friends and the friends i have at Pinkerton. There is really no conflict that happens with the social groups I am in but cooperation like how my team needs to have cooperation in order to win games.

Bullets and Ballots

I was the Guatemalan government and our duty was to make the peasants vote for us and make the guerrillas lay their weapons down. We eventually made a deal that the guerrillas join the peasants and lower their weapons. A&W had the power most of the game until they were forced out of power by the U.s. Once the A&W had a takeover we all agreed to join together and vote for one person, making all of us cooperate with each other.

My future

I feel like the social groups I'm apart of will not change. I feel that my social groups will continue to cooperate, even with a reason to disagree. Unless someone in my social group(s) do something bad that causes to make another social group that only causes conflict.