Sammy Davis Jr.

"Greatest Living entertainer in the world."

Born on December 8, 1925, in NYC, Sammy Davis Jr. was known as the "greatest living performer on earth". He started performing at 3 years old, with his dad. Soon after that, he started performing more and more often. Soon after that, he played in Golden Buy. Until World War II. During World War II, Sammy was made fun of by racist white soldiers, (which his father had protected him from before) including his service man breaking his nose. Eventually, he found an entertainment regiment, which kept him safer, plus learned to deal with hate audience.
In 1654, after the war, he went straight back to his music career. He published two albums that made it the headlines of NY and LA. People felt good, and happy when the watched and listened to him. But they also knew it was tough, knowing segregation, racism, and his cancer were in the way. A little later, he was driving to Las Angeles to record the soundtrack for the film Six Bridges to Cross, when he got into a bad accident, shattering his face and causing him to lose and eye. The hospital was a "main attraction" during his stay.
Mini Bio: Sammy Davis, Jr.

After he got out of the hospital, he kept dancing. In 1972, he sang in "The Candy Man". He had 3 wives, on January 10, 1958, he married Loray White. On November 13, 1960, he married May Britt, and on

May 11, 1970, he was married for the 3rd time to Altovise Davis. He died on May 16, 1990, in Beverly Hills, C.A., a life-long smoker.