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The National Anthem

The national anthem name "God Save the Queen."
Flying Fijians National Anthem - Rugby in HD


Fiji is off the cost of Australia. Fiji is made up of 332 islands which covers 7,055 square miles. Most islands are surrounded by coral reefs.


It's capital is Suva, Fiji. It is the second most populated island in Fiji.


It is mostly made up of mountains, small beaches, and has a volcanic history.


The temperature ranges anywhere from 70◦F to 90◦F. It can be either rainy or warm and sunny.


Fiji is estimated to have about 944,720 people living or being residents there. Minnesota is estimated to have about 5,379,000 people living or being residents here.

Ethnic Group

The main ethnic group of Fiji is Fijian. Other ethnic groups are European and Indian.


The main language is English. Other languages are Fijian and Hindi.

Major Industries

Tourism, sugarcane (we import sugar cane from Fiji, not mainly but we still do) , clothing (they grow lots of cotton), Gold, Silver and they provide small cottages.


Sugarcane is the most important agricultural business. They grow bananas and coconuts.

Fiji's Currency

They use American Dollars and Fijian Dollars. Below are some pictures of their money.


Most Fijians are Christians, weather or not you are a permanent resident or a tourist you are always welcome to come to a Sunday sevice. There are other religions; Mosques, Hindu and Sikh.

Historically Fact

1. The first European to see Fiji was a man named Abel Tasmen in 1643.

2. Most Fijians were cannibals until 1871 when a tribal leader named Cakobau had made all of the tribes have peace.

3. Most Australian escaping convicts went into hiding in Fiji (about 1874 to 1901).


The have Houses of Parliament; the Senate and the House of Representatives. The Senate has 22 appointed members (each with 6-year terms), The Hose of Reprisentatives has 52 elected members (each with 5-year terms).

Famous Actor

Craig Parker-

He lives currently in New Zealand. He was born in Suva,Fiji. He is mostly known for his role as Haldir of Lorien in Lord of The Rings.

Famous Singer

There was none.

Famous Athlete

A famous golfer named Vijay Singh a.k.a. "The Big Fijian." He has won 4 championships. In 2008 he made it into the World Golf Hall of Fame.

Fiji's Leader

Fiji has a Constitutional monarchy that rules the British owned. They have a prime minister-Commodore Frank Bainimarama (2009).

Famous Artist

Maria Rova-

She is such a wonderful artist. She adds lots of colors, shapes and she paints what's around her which really describes how beautiful Fiji is. She has many emotional, caring and nature inspired works of art! Just looking at them makes me spark with excitement!

3 cities other than the capital

1. Nausori

2. Labasa

3. Lautoka

5 things people find in cities

1. Sigatoka River Safari

2. South Sea Islands

3. Kula Eco Park

4. Fiji Museum

5. Bouma National Heritage Park

The Flag

1. Light Blue, Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and White.

2. The bright blue background repsesents the Pacific Ocean.

3. The Britain flag represents the part Britain owns, the shield part has a British lion, Coconut Palms, sugarcane, the dove of peace and a bunch of bananas.

4. The food represents their agriculture and the dove represents peace and the represents the are united.