The Polar Biome

By: Mark

What is it like there?


The Polar biome is one of the coldest places in the world! For instance in the summer the temp is 37-54°F in the winter it's -30°F. There are often blizzards, hurricanes and strong winds that can snow you in for a while! If you go for a walk be careful because you could fall and get stuck in the snow.


In the Polar biome it's mountainous but a little bit of it is flat and there's snow and ice everywhere and in the summer the soil is mostly moist until you go deeper there's a sheet of ice and below that it's dry. The roots don't grow that well down there if the roots get down there.

Where are they located?

Where in the world?

  • Antarctic circle
  • Arctic circle
Northern Canada
Northern Russia
Northern Alaska
Northern Europe


How do plants survive?

Some plants like the Arctic poppy have a waxy stem with hairs on it so the animals don't eat it. Lichens are really two plants fungi and algae. The fungi sucks in the water so the rest of the lichen can get the water into the roots. The Dwarf willow is a perenial every year it grows back in the summer and goes way in the winter when it gets to cold for the plant but it comes back in the summer again! Farmers get perenials all the time because they grow back.

Animal Life

How do animals survive?

Some animals are omnivores they can eat plants and animals that can help because they can adapt to something else but carnivores can only eat meat and herbivores can only eat plants unless they find a way to adapt to a different thing to eat. Some animals have claws to catch prey like a owl. Bears are big to scare other animals but some animals are small to hide from big animals. Some animals like the wolverine are scavengers they follow big animals and eat left overs so that animal remains wont be lying around.

Food Chains