Mexican Immigration

mexico to america

Pushes to get out of Mexico and Pulls towards America.

In the last 20 years crime, economic troubles, illegal drugs and corrupt politicians have all been booming issues in Mexico. So it makes sense that many of them would see a healthier, safer life in the United States. According to Pew Global Research Center six out of ten Mexicans residing in Mexico said that life would most likely be better in the United States considering the economy is improved, crime is lesser, illegal drugs aren't as large of an issue, and corrupt politicians are not as common and it is the closest country to Mexico. There are many pushes that are forcing Mexicans to strongly consider fleeing their country for good. I don’t think that they all think America is the greatest place, it’s more so that it’s the easiest to get to, and the place they most likely know the most of out of all other countries. Another reason is because, Mexicans have been coming to America for years, things have worked out fairly well. They have no reason to stop at this point. This combination of advantages of moving to America make good reasons for the Mexicans to migrate North to the United States.

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The Journey from Mexico to the United states and the their treatment when they get there.

For the longest time El Paso, Texas has served as an Ellis Island of the Mexico-U.S border, people that cross the border must be very brave to take the risk especially when the risk is frequently getting caught by United States agents on one side or bombarded by criminals on one side. The journey to America is especially rough for people crossing the border illegally, which isn’t as common as it has been in the past but, it still occurs to this day. Many that do tend to chose to leave can’t take anymore of the difficult life in Mexico and leave. Hoping the United States will improve their life. When they leave they risk being met by gangs on their way, gangs have been setting up near borders and on trains demanding “tolls” from people trying to migrate to the States. If they don’t pay the “toll” they will likely be met by death. If someone is lucky to make it to the border safely the United States government often sends them back (deports them) if they don’t meet requirements, or if someone is making their way into the U.S illegally they may get caught. Which is more often now than it ever has been, the U.S has really been cracking down on border control. Since Obama has been in office about 1.1 million illegal immigrants have been deported, maybe even more. Sent right back into the life they were attempting to leave in the past. When Mexicans either legally or illegally make it into the country and start to make a life here in America they are quite often discriminated against. Many Mexican-American immigrants especially males, have reported as people seeing them as second class citizens. Specifically when they haven’t assimilated into American culture very much. Many often feel as if Americans think they are stupid and uneducated with the things they do and say. Many Americans that cross illegally end up getting deported, others get a green cars, or remain unknown to the United States government.

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Mexican contributions to American society.

Mexican culture has been making its way into America for some time now, when Mexican immigrants started migrating into America they usually ended up residing in Texas. The foods they ate began to get noticed, “Tex-Mex” food started being developed it was basically an American imitation of authentic Mexican food. These foods such as not quite authentic, tacos, enchiladas, and burritos, started spreading all throughout the United States. Nowadays there is “mexican” food mocking the actual thing, on every corner, some of America’s most popular fast food chains are Americanized Mexican food attractions, such as Taco Bell, Chipotle and Taco Bueno. Mexican culture has definitely had a huge affect on American culture.

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Another huge impact that Mexico has had on the United States is the color television. In 1953 Guillermo Gonzalez came up with the first model of the color television. The most Americans tend to watch 5 hours of color television per day this is a huge impact 5 hours of americans days are spent using this invention. These are two impacts that Mexico has had on American culture, out of many more.


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