Why should you use SMORE?

May 6, 2015 - Jessica Hutter

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Education is Evolving...

Technology will be used fluidly within instruction and student learning activities. Technology tools will be used to present material to students using multimedia resources, to organize classroom resources and for communicating ideas & collaboration.

SMORE: A Great Technology Tool

Smore allows teachers and students to:

  • create mini- websites to showcase material/thoughts
  • organize materials, resources
  • comment/collaborate on material shared
  • easily SHARE news, material, resources, presentations...

SMORE is VERY user friendly & easy to use!

Smore features & affordances:

  • use templates as a framework for flyer OR create from scratch
  • add text
  • link websites
  • add pictures/galleries
  • embed videos or add link to video
  • comments/collaboration feature
  • track who sees the flyer/mini site

Why is it important to use tools like SMORE?

We need to help this educational evolution. Our students are ready! The have been growing up in the age of technology, EDUCATORS need to use SMORE & other 2.0 tools to incorporate 21st century skills into student learning experiences!!

Who can help you evolve with education?


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