Prenatal and Newborn Development

Prepare Now for Their Future

Embryonic Development

During the first few weeks, development is very crucial and time passes by very fast! The fetal starts to develop the brain, spinal cord, heart, and other organs begin to form

FRirst Weeks of Development

At four weeks pregnant, the cells divide into a group that will make up the placenta and one that will make up the baby.

• By six weeks pregnant, the baby's heartbeat begins and arms and legs develop. Basic facial feature become apparent and your baby takes on a "C" shape.

• At eight weeks pregnant, the intestines begin forming and teeth start to grow in the gums. If you saw your baby now, you'd note the beginning of tiny nostrils, shell-shaped ears, visible eyes and legs and arms.

• By 11 weeks pregnant, the end of the embryonic stages, your baby's brain and major organs are well started. Even the eyes and joints are forming. The head still makes up about half of the baby's length, but the body will soon work at catching up, developing rapidly in the next weeks.

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Your Baby Is On Its way!!

During the stage of the fetus, you will find out the gender of your baby! This will be the time when you will able to feel kicks, punches, that may be compared to the feeling of butterflies in your belly!
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Between weeks 11 and 16, your tiny miracle works at developing distinguishable genitals, hair, nails and vocal cords (surely you'll appreciate this accomplishment in a couple years). The liver and kidneys begin to function.

• Weeks 16 to 20 signal another growth spurt. Your baby's laying down a bit of fat beneath the skin. That minuscule heart pumps an amazing 25 quarts of blood every day. Meconium starts accumulating in the bowels. You might have notice hiccups. Babies get them now.

• During weeks 21 to 24, development seems to slow down but things are still happening. The eyelids and eyebrows are formed and if your baby is a boy, his testes begin to decent from the pelvis.

• Weeks 25 to 28 mark a period of carrying on and wrapping up loose ends. During this time, the baby's lungs secrete surfactant as the body prepares to breathe air. On other fronts, retinas form and the eyes open. If born at 28 weeks, 90 percent of babies survive.

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The First Years

To ensure that the baby is born healthy an expectant mother needs to eat healthy, take vitamins, needs a healthy lifestyle, and have doctor visits often. During the first years after birth is a milestone where development is important. This time period is when babies are able to bond with parents and recognizes their voice. Even though they are small they are capable of learning quickly. The first couple of months, the baby will start to find its fingers and toes. Surprisingly, your bundle of joy will be able to raise their head. The baby needs to be introduced to many learning manipulative that can help them develop in a timely manner. Their future rely on you!