BTNT Program Updates

Survey Results & Program Changes

Survey Results

Thanks for filling out our survey. Here are the conclusions:

1. You appreciate fellowship time with your fellow BTs but don't want extra meetings

2. You want to keep the 1:1s with your coaches, but reduce the frequency

3. You want more choice and personalization in what you are learning through the program

Based on the results we have revamped the program!

Quarterly Socials

We will be eliminating the monthly after school meetings and replacing them with quarterly socials.

Purpose: socialize, vent, share, celebrate successes, decompress

  • 2:30 - 3:30, stay as long as you want
  • BT3s will take the lead to facilitate any group discussions
  • April and Tracey will coordinate food via SignUp Genius

Dates: Monday, Dec. 12 (Holiday), Feb. 13 (Valentine’s), May 8 (End of Year Celebration)

1:1s with Your Coach

Purpose: ask questions, get resources, lesson plan advice, general support

Dates: Look for updated calendar invites

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Each month, you will choose one additional activity. You can do the same thing each month, or a different one each month - it's up to you!

Option 1

Field Trip during planning to visit other classrooms

Purpose: observe a variety of other teachers/content areas/teaching styles, get ideas for classroom management, instructional strategies and procedures


Friday, Dec. 9 with April

Thursday, Jan. 5 with Tracey

Wednesday, Feb. 8 with April

Thursday, March 9 with Tracey

Wednesday, April 26 with April

Please RSVP on this Form for each month you want to take a field trip.

Option 2

Tech Tool 1:1 with Damien

Purpose: Improve technology skills and integration

Sit down with Damien and discuss a topic of your choice with Damien. This could be a new tool, how to better use a tool, how to differentiate using technology, or how to streamline your workflow and processes.

Dates: Schedule at your convenience, during the months of December, January, February, March, and/or April.

Option 3

Flipped PD

Purpose: allow for self-paced exploration of topics of interest to improve teaching skills; use learning/reflection as artifacts for your PDP and Summative evaluations.

  1. Visit the MGSD PD website and choose any session that interests you.
  2. Review the materials and resources.
  3. Write a 3-paragraph reflection of (1) what you learned, (2) how you will implement it into your classroom, and (3) the results of your implementation
  4. Submit your reflection via Google doc to April and Tracey.

Dates: You select at your convenience. Your monthly reflection is due by:

Dec. 16

Jan. 31

Feb. 28

March 31

April 28

Say what?

Just remember - even on your worst day, you're better than this guy! Congratulations on making it through first quarter!
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