Judy from "Rebel Without a Cause"

By: Heather Titus

Emotional, Flirtacious, Tease

*She's emotional because she cries over her "daddy" issues a lot, she over reacts about everything that happens to her, and in every situation she is very over dramatic.

*It seems like Judy hangs out with only the guys, but she's not a tomboy, she hangs out with them as a girly girl, when she is around them, she acts all sweet and innocent like she can do no wrong, and it seems like she falls in love easy with the guys she's around.

*In the beginning Judy will act like a "good girl" but then she turns into a traitor, she acts like a tease when she is around Jim, and sometimes it seems like her attitude and personality is fake.

Judy's Main Conflicts

Judy's main problem, the reason she rebels in the movie, is because her dad feels like she is grown up now so technically she isn't "daddy's little girl" anymore. So when she asks for a kiss, he says, "No you're too old for that now." Judy ends up getting mad and runs off all the time. So the way she rebels is she wears make up and dresses older to rebel against her parents. I feel like since Judy wears the make up and stuff like that, her dad thinks she is grown up so he doesn't treat her like his little princess anymore.

Did she learn?

I feel like Judy really didn't learn anything at all in the movie. Maybe when she was hanging out with Jim more often she didn't seem as fake as she was. I felt like she could be herself around Jim, but she still was acting like the little rebel she was.

The Chickie Run

The significance of the chickie run I believe was to show how teenagers will prove themselves to others to show who is boss. Teenagers always have to be better than the other. Even though the teens in this movie are facing family problems, they can still be proud of themselves to show off around a crowd.

The Film's Main Lesson

Personally, I think this film is meant for teenagers. It shows them that they are not the only ones that are going through hardships in their life. Teenagers can find others that know how they feel. And that of course you will have family dysfunctions because you are growing up, and your parents don't want their little babies to grow up.

Why do you think Judy was friends with the group of kids she was with, even though she knows they are insecure?

Judy just wanted to fit all, that's all. She hung out with this group of guys because she is a flirt, and wants to be loved by a man since her father has out grown her because she is becoming a young lady. She wanted to be a part of a popular group, just like every other girl who goes to High School, well except for me, I could care less if I'm popular or not. :P