THS Choir Newsletter

October 25th, 2018

Region Audition Results

Congratulations to the following singers for their placement in the Region 9 Treble Choir:

Cassidy Holub

Hayley Hudgens

Caitlin Ibe

Emma Schaberg

Natalie Rathway

Congratulations to Jessica Schwiesow for placing in the Region Mixed choir. Jessica will advance to the Pre-Area auditions.

Choir Trip Task List

Trip Checklist:

  • There should be $300.00 paid or earned toward the trip. Please check your Charms account.
  • Trip contracts are past due. Please check Charms to make sure your child turned theirs in.
  • Information about the flag fundraiser is in the newsletter. Please tell Mrs. Brewer if you are planning on participating.
  • If you have decided to withdraw your child from the trip, please let Mrs. Brewer know immediately.
  • Please let Mrs. Brewer know if you are planning on being a trip chaperone.
  • Join the choir trip remind group.
  • Next payment of $200.00 due on November 15th.

Flags and Flyers for Veterans' Day. Saturday, November 10th. 9am

Pass out flags and flyers for Veterans' Day and the new subscription year.

  • Flags: Students receive $1.00 off their Choir Trip balance per flag.
  • Flags; Students need a hammer, towel, screwdriver and SUV or Van.
  • Flags: Pick up Tuesday, November 13th.
  • Flyers: Students will be assigned a neighborhood to set out flyers for the 2019 calendar subscription year.
  • Flyers: Students do NOT: knock on doors, take money, or actively solicit for the flags.
  • Flyers: Students will receive credit based on the size of the subdivision (they will not be credit per flyer)
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Region Update for those in the Region 9 Mixed, Treble and Honor Choir

Congratulations to all the students that earned a place in the Region 9 Mixed, Treble and Honor choirs. Here are some details about Region Choir Weekend:

  • In the past, TWHS Choir Boosters have provided lunch and dinner on Saturday for around $11.00. Please plan on that and I will pass on the information when I receive it.
  • Make $22.00 check payable to THS Choir.
  • Region rehearsal Monday, November 12th 6:00pm College Park HS (We will provide transportation)
  • Region rehearsal Friday, November 6:00pm, Klein High School (We will provide transportation)
  • Region clinic/Concert at The Woodlands United Methodist Church. 8:30am. (You will need to provide your own transportation)

Mrs. Brewer's Tutoring is B Block Tuesdays and Thursdays and Sectionals Friday

  • Tomorrow: Solo selection/tutoring/pre-area
  • Tuesday: Solo Selection/tutoring/pre-area
  • Thursday: Solo Selection/tutoring/pre-area
  • Friday: 3rd and 6th period treble rehearsal over "Gaudete"
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Texas Renaissance Festival Early Music Competition Wednesday, Nov. 7th VARSITY ONLY

  • Depart and return during the school day.
  • Jeans, polo and closed toe shoes.
  • Students will be on their own for lunch.
  • Students must have passed all classes on their last report card to participate.

THS Choir Christmas Concert

Thursday, Dec. 13th, 7pm

Tomball High School Auditorium

  • Formal Uniform
  • THS Auditorium
  • Free Admission
  • Required performance
  • 3 Major Grades

Past Due Items

  • $35.00 Choir Fee
  • Choir Handbook
  • Choir Medical Form
  • $25.00 polo
  • Trip Deposit and Contract