Stella & Dot Dream Team // February Kudos

Our growth trend continues Royals!!!!! Team sales were up over 153% in February, and trunk show bookings for March are the biggest since November's giant retail month. SPRING IS IN FULL SWING! WOW!!!!!! Congratulations to all of our February XO Stud Incentive earners!! You should get them in the mail this week - way to build sales of $500+ in February. And, the press continues to roll in to support our business, so share the new style with great pride!! I was incredibly inspired to hear all of the good news on our business from CEO Jessica Herrin while in Jamaica. She stressed that our company is "cash rich" and our business plan is rock solid. She explained that so many companies based in Silicon Valley are running on venture capital and continue to try to squeeze $1.50 out of $1.00. And, so many other brands have to build into their price the cost of massive returns!! Not us! We are exactly in the right place at the right time ladies. Whatever your style business goals are for the season - take pride in our smart, profitable and very popular business!!!! WE ARE A GLOBAL BILLION DOLLAR LIFESTYLE BRAND in the making!!! I love sharing all of this good news with you. Thank you for sharing your talents and being a part of our sparkly community!


Erin Reckner, Director and Personal Stylist

XO Stud Earners in February!! Sales of $500+

Leaders were so delighted to award these studs to their stylists and lead stylists!! Congrats!!

Kristin Post

Nikki Dunbar

Kelly Stevens

Angela Alexander

Linda Mizel

Alysha Ricketts

Becca Mount

Lindsey Howard

Tiffani Stirnemann

Lori Bunch

Stephanie Carr

Every piece of sparkle counts! We celebrate all style shared! Hats of to our active stylists from February!!

Shannon Howski, Dayrnice Chavis, Megan Johnston, Linda Suponcic, Laura Chirillo, Whitney Callison, Jennifer Resnick, Leah Blazek, Karen Easton, Jenese Guppy, Emily Figueroa, Reneé Page, Liana Purnama, Lori McColl
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Style Business Resource >> Pinterest

Utilize our Stella & Dot Pinterest Boards to help share the style with your fans!! I love to use their Instagram board.... so many cute pics! I never have time to take my own pictures so thankfully these exist to get my clients and hostesses excited about our brand!! I typically save these to my camera roll on my phone and text them out to create engagement with my hostesses or to share new style pics with my potential hostesses.

*** WTS >> Hi Heather!!! These new fringe pieces are calling your name!!! I have so many great styles to show you!! My Stella socials are the perfect excuse to get the girls together!! I'm booking up my March calendar now and I don't want to leave you off!! I still have a "Style Makes Me Happy Hour" 6-8pm Thursday March 24th or a "Java & Jewels" 1-3pm Sunday March 20th. XO - Erin

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March 2 - 2- 4 - 2 Tracker

Each month home office posts a cute 2 - 2 - 4 - 2 tracker within the Stellaverse Training Section of the Stylist Lounge. The tracker stands for 2 reach outs a day, 2 outside orders a week, 4 trunk shows a month and 2 new stylists on your team. Want an efficient way to see progress for your style biz?? Use this tracker!! Your 2 reach outs a day need to be individual messages / communications. For example, you can post a cute selfie on your FB wall (reference who likes your pic) and then message two individuals a lookbook link expressing how much you think they will love all of the brand new pieces, like the selfie you posted today!! This will get some fun conversation going and you can follow up with a booking conversation. BOOKING Words To Say : I'm so thrilled that you are loving the line!! I've been doing these fun, casual style sessions - you can get your wishlist free as a perk to hosting! It's the BEST excuse to get the girls together!! And, everyone is shopping right now to freshen up their style for the season!!! I've got some really cute theme ideas to make it fun! Bubbly & Bling on Sunday 1 - 3pm, Java & Jewels on Saturday 10- Noon and Style Makes Me Happy Hour on Thursday 6 - 8!! Chat soon!! XOXOX
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We have THE BEST squad of stylists around! I love seeing all of your smiles on YOU and especially on your hostesses and fans!!!! Your challenge for the rest of the month is to post pics on your Facebook wall showing off the stylist life!! You must tag your pic #royals_stylistlife because that is how I will pull them all on March 31st to choose winners. The prizes include $100 PC, $75 PC, $50 PC and $30 PC !!!! Show off how much FUN it is to be a Stella & Dot stylist!!! Pictures can be your selfies, your jewelry display, you and your besties loaded up in statment necklaces, traveling with your getaway bag, laughing fans at a trunk show!! I WANT TO SEE THEM!!!! SHARE YOUR JOY!!!!!!!!!

{We are 64 Stylists Strong in 17 States! For every 5 Stylists that participate in this incentive I will activate a prize level. Starting at $100 PC!!! 20 participants would activate all PC prizes down to $30!! WOOHOO!!!!} #royals_stylistlife


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