Me, Myself and I

By: Austyn Sweeney


I am not very picky about my food. I like seafood, raw food, Italian, fried, etc. I love trying different foods when we are out. One time I decided to try crocodile fingers in Ames.

jobs... BORING

If I had the perfect job I would be a music producer. I love music and I love singing and you might say those are the same thing but I also play the trumpet.


A lot of people don't know that I am taking martial arts classes. Specifically taekwondo classes.

Rock on

I have a lot of favorite bands but these are my top three. It is all tied between Skillet, Papa Roach and Five Finger Death punch.


Deadpool is my favorite because he breaks the fourth wall and has a lot of blood and action.

Bad Company

My favorite song is hands down Bad Company

So Cute!

I really want a albino husky and a snake if possible.


I would really like to make an alternative energy source.


I would really like to go to Germany.


I just want people to remember me as a kind and strong man.