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7 Apps and How to Use Them In a High School English Class

Journal jar is an app that gives you writing ideas. You shake your device and it will give you a topic to write about.

An educator could use this in a classroom to encourage journal writing and creative writing. The class could, individually or as a group, shake their devices to find a topic and then be given 20 minutes to write on the subject. It promotes creative thinking, grammar, and spelling. It is a fun and engaging way to promote writing in class.

To see the app in action click here.

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You can find the app by clicking here! It is a free app offered for iOS or Android.
Grammar Up is an app that provides grammar tests right on your mobile device. They are multiple choice tests and are in 20 different categories.

This would be an excellent app to bring into the classroom. It can be used as a class or individually. I would ask my students to finish one quiz a day and reward them for it. Grammar is a hard topic to engage students in and this would be an easy and convenient way to help students practice.

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This app is unfortunately not free. It is available on iTunes for $4.99, just click here to find it or for android, just click here.
Quizlet is a tool that allows students to study anywhere, anytime. It makes studying fun with games, flashcards and questions and convenient as it can be accessed on your mobile device.

I would encourage my students to use Quizlet and even devote time in class to set up the app and input the information. Any tool that helps students study is a important. Once the app was set up I would encourage students to use the app whenever they had time - waiting in line, riding the bus, during commercials while they watch their favorite shows. This app would be convenient for any type of student and could be used to study as a class, partners or individually.

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The app is free and offered for iPhone and Android. Just click here.
Audiobooks is an app that offers access to thousands of audiobooks on your mobile device.

This would be an excellent resource in the classroom. Offering a diverse classroom is an important aspect of being a good educator. Offering this type of resource would be beneficial for students struggling with reading. I would encourage the class to use the app if they were finding the readings difficult. I would emphasize the use of both the audiobook and the paper copy of the book in order to ensure that they were reading along with the audiobook. I do not struggle with reading but still like to use audiobooks to help with concentrating on the novel. It would be helpful tool in any classroom.

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This a free app offered for iOS. You can find it here.
This app includes the complete works of William Shakespeare with the ability to search for words or phrases, bookmark, add notes, look up meanings of words, and study.

Everyone knows that Shakespeare's works are a tough read. Giving students the flexibility and resources to read and study his works any time and any place would ease the learning somewhat. I would encourage my class to download the app and demonstrate its use in class. It could be used for the whole class to study, in groups or individually. Its convenient and engaging for students.

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This app is free but offers an upgraded version for a price. It is available for both iOS and Android. Just click here to access it!
TweetDeck by Twitter is a real time feed that can be customized to people and topics you want to follow. The layout is can also be customized and it allows one to manage many accounts.

A educator could make a twitter account for the main characters of a novel and have their students tweet thoughts they think the characters are currently having while reading the novel. It would be a great way to encourage discussion, engagement and comprehension of the novels (, 2014).

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The app is available for both IOS and Android, just click here.
Too Noisy is an app that monitors the noise in the classroom and alerts the user when the room has reached a point of unproductive noise.

This is app could be used in the classroom exactly how it is intended. It is normal to have discussion and collaboration in the classroom but this app makes sure that it does not reach a point that it is interfering with others learning. I would use this app when my class was working on group projects to make sure the noise is reasonable. It would provide a visual for my students to gauge their noise.

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The app is unfortunately not free, it cost $2.99 and is available for both iOS and Android, just click here.
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