Students write, draw, upload photos, and record to respond

Get a Kick out of Classkick

If you haven't tried Classkick yet, you are definitely missing out! Creating assignments is super easy. Classkick allows you to create your own assignments, or upload PDF's and share them with your students via a class code. You are also able to import images from your camera roll, including screenshots of documents. Students can use a stylus or their fingers to write the answers to the problems, or they may type text as well.

The really neat part is that you can see every problem of every student in real time on your iPad! You can add comments or provide help by writing on their problem right along with them. If a student needs your help, they can tap on the hand icon (like raising a virtual hand) and you will see the indicator on your iPad that they need your help.

As you check through their work, if you notice an error, you can send them a recorded voice message like "check #3". If you see a student daydreaming or goofing around, you can send a message like "please focus".

It's free for you to download and in Self-service!

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