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Persian Gulf War

The Persian Gulf War was a very short war between Iraq and Kuwait with U.S intervention on behalf of Kuwait because of their oil production. The war starts in August of 1990 and ends in February of 1991. President Bush famously quotes "A line has been drawn in the sand...Withdraw from Kuwait unconditionally and immediately, or face the terrible consequences" which he lived up to his word with Operation Desert Storm which used air forces to drive Iraqi forces from Kuwait.

World Leaders

Laws and Supreme Court Decisions

During the 1990s laws started to focus on equality and opportunity in the work place. The Disability act helped to ensure many Americans would still keep their jobs if they were hurt and could not work. The Civil Rights Act of 1991 helped ensure equal job opportunities for each gender and was enforced by the EEOC.

In St. Mary's Honor Center V. Hicks, Hicks was fired and he accused the institute of racial discrimination. The case helped bring light to possible areas of racial discrimination. In Harris V. Forklift Systems, Inc, a sexual harassment dispute occurred which helped to pave the way for a safer work environment for women.


In the 1990s many advances in cellular devices occurred which led to the invention of the digital answering machine and the basic cell-phone. Also, CDs were first used which started to replace tapes and could store more information in a smaller space. The first Mp3 player was used and the memory card for gaming and cameras evolved. Finally, the basic Java computer language and the GPS were invented and put into production

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Entertainment and Music

The 1990s was an Era filled with movies and shows that families could enjoy. Beaty and the Beast, Jumanji, Forest Gump, and Aladdin were just a few. A few big name adult orientated movies included Braveheart, and Pulp Fiction. Friends, Seinfeld, and That 70s Show were just a few popular TV shows of the time.

The 90s was also a time of new music focused on single artists instead of bands. some of the big names included Whitney Houston, Madonna, and 2 pac. Each of these artists would develop unique music with flares towards dramatic music videos to help promote their songs.

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Sports and Athletes

Michael Jordan was a famous African American basketball player who would be known across America for many years to come. Tiger Wood's career started in the 90s, but he would remain a famous and skilled golfer even today. In Hockey Wayne Gretzky would become one of the very best players the world has ever seen.

Famous teams during the era would include

-Chicago Bulls

-Houston Rockets

-Green Bay Packers

-Dallas Cowboys

-Cincinnati Reds