Cookie Kings Guide to Minecraft!

An in-depth guide of tutorials for Minecraft!

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What is this Page???

This site(page) will be all about minecraft. If you dont know what it it, its a popular indie game owned by Mojang(Now owned by Microsoft). Its about breaking and placing blocks, and having an adventure. It has now come a whole step further with mods. You will learn more about these later.

How do I get Minecraft?

Minecraft is a paid game bought on the minecraft website. The game is $27.00 American Dollars. You can also get an activation code from somewhere, and that is a code activating a free minecraft account. You can also get a minecraft gift card, which can also buy minecraft merchandise.
Minecraft Website

This will take you to the Official minecraft website.

More info will be added soon. Feel free to comment on what should be added, and how well you think we are doing. Please do not spam anything,or you will be banned.