Middle East Water Crisis

Almost no available drinking water in the Middle East

Countries in the Middle East and Population:

Turkey- pop. 76 million

Iraq- pop. 33.42 million
Iran- pop. 78 million

Egypt- pop. 82 million

Saudi Arabia- pop. 29 million

Statistics You Need to Know:

1) Agriculture uses 85% of the Middle East's water.

2) The United Arab Emirates will use up all of its water in 50 years.
3) The cost of water in Jordan increased 30% in 10 years


A few of the main problems in the water crisis are having to walk miles to get water, malnutrition, and not enough water for food. Also the UAE is ranked highest per capita consumption of water in the world.


Some possible solutions would be rationing water, and richer countries bringing shipments of water to the poorer countries.

Map of the Middle East:

The Middle East is mainly desert