Pioneer Missions

mission 2

8 Nov 1958: Launch

It was unsuccessful because it kept orbiting around earth scientist managed to gather some data. and after 40 min of orbiting it fell back down to earth. It was planned to be a lunar orbiter .

mission 3

6 Dec 1958: Launch

Status: Unsuccessful

It was supposed to be a lunar flyby It fell back down to earth and exploded over Africa.

mission 4

3 Mar 1959: Launch (05:10:45 UT)

6 Mar 1959: Contact Lost

Status: Partial Successful

Its main task was to take a photo of the moon. And it collected 82 hrs of radiation.

It didn't get a photo of the moon due to a malfunction.

mission 5

11 Mar 1960: Launch

Status: Successful

It was sent on a heliocentric orbit between our planet earth and Venus it also carried equipment to see if scientist theories were right about a interplanetary magnetic field.

I was a test and it was successful of technologies and it was carried out in missions 10 and 11.

missions 6 7 8 and 9

It was launched on the 16th of December. It was was the first solar orbiter to measure wide spaces on a continuous basis.


It was the second solar orbiter to measure wide spaces on a continuous basis. It was launch on the

17 Aug 1966 its status was successful.


This did the exact same thing as thing as 6&7 but it was the third one it was successful and was launched on the 13 Dec 1967.

Mission six seven eight and nine accomplished to make a ring of solar weather stations space around earths orbits. Their measurements were used to predict storms.


It did the exact same thing as the others and it was launched on the 8 Nov 1968 and it was sucessful.

mission 10

It was the first to go to Jupiter ands survive the intense radiation around the planet.

2 Mar 1972: Launch

13 Jun 1983: Passed Orbit of Most Distant Planet

Status: Successful

mission 11

Pioneer 11

5 Apr 1973: Launch

3 Dec 1974: Jupiter Flyby

1 Sep 1979: Saturn Flyby

24 Nov 1995: Final Contact

Status: Successful

It explored Saturn and it recorded its temperature and it was 180 degrees.

mission 12

20 May 1978: Launch

4 Dec 1978: Venus Orbit Insertion

Status: Successful

It explored the surface and atmosphere of Venus.

It took it 14 yrs to orbit it did lots of thing during that time .

mission 13

8 Aug 1978: Launch

9 Dec 1978: End of Venus Mission

Status: Complete

There were four probe

They collected data about Venus. They all reached venus on the on 9 December 1978, with the large probe entering first.