Language Arts Loop

Your News for What's Happening in Room 404-Sept. 28, 2015

Reading News

This week we will continue our study of poetry. Students will engage in reading various types of poetry and we will discuss the characteristics we see within each poem. We will discuss things like theme/mood, similes, metaphors, rhyme patterns, shape, alliteration, and our personal reactions and feelings based on the poem. Students will also use written responses to summarize and share their thoughts on the poems. We will read poetry as a class, individually and with our reading partners.

Writing News

One of our favorite lessons from last week involved storytelling our narratives to help us think through, order and prepare to timeline our stories. The students sat with their writing partner and told their story orally. This storytelling allowed the students to chronologically think about their piece and to use actions to engage themselves in their story as well as their audience (partner). We really had fun with this and from this storytelling were able to timeline our stories in preparation for drafting. The students have selected their next seed idea, which they will work with over the next couple of weeks. This idea is a personal narrative and will be drafted some within the next week. We will also focus on writing leads, adding emotion and showing not telling in our writing this week. We will discuss that a strong narrative includes a change in emotions as the story moves forward.

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Grammar/Spelling News

Students are learning the structures and procedures for their spelling patterns/sorts. This week students will receive their second sort and work with their words to move towards mastery of their particular pattern/rule. Students will work with their words and eventually glue their words into their notebooks which will grow throughout the year. If you have questions about these sorts or words please ask. I will also share this information during conferences next month.

Staying Connected

Homework is due tomorrow, September 28. Students should have completed 80 minutes of reading outside of class and the skills sheets. They are always welcome to turn in either of these once they are done throughout the week. It is not necessary that they keep them until Monday but they certainly do have that time if needed to complete the work. The skills sheets are a review of what we have been doing in class so they should not be challenging or take too much time. If you notice that either of these are happening please contact me so we can visit about that. Students will get new homework tomorrow which will be due the following Monday, October 5.