Welcome to earth

Guide to Thetford Forest, Taylor Glacier, Sahara Desert

Thetford Forest!

A challenge you might face at this location would be a forest fire!

Two opportunities would be, the veiw, and hikes!

A couple things you will want to pack :

  • Bug spray
  • A camera
  • Warm clothing

Travel tips :

Bring food

Bring water

Warm things

Taylor Glacier

Opportunities you will get while you are here is to see the view, and glacier climbing!

Challenge you will face is the blood falls of Taylor Glacier!

packing list -

  • Warm clothing
  • Food
  • Water

Travel Tips -

  • heating
  • watch out for big mountains

Sahara desert

Packing list -

  • Warm clothing
  • Food
  • Water

Opportunities you will face is wildlife, and plants!

Challenges are you can overheat and have a heat stroke, or terrible dryness!

Travel Tips -

  • conitioning
  • lots of water suplie
  • bring map

Time zones

As you go through different places you may find there is a change in time

Ways to regionalize Earth

  1. To regionalize these land masses you can split them up into time zones that are separated by the time of the clocks that are in that area.
  2. You can also split it up into countries and within those countries you can spit it up into states and provinces which happens in the US and Canada. You can split those states and provinces in city's or districts or even counties.

Other Places to visit

  • Mt. Everest
  • Big Bear lake
  • Salton sea