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Durbin is a 4-STAR School!!!

If you didn't hear, Durbin Elementary has once again earned the highest school rating given by the state of Indiana! It is a 4-STAR school. There are a lot of factors that weigh into the rating like the school must rank in the top 25 percent of the state in ISTEP scores, students must have high attendance rates, etc.

Did you know? Durbin was 1 of only 6 HSE elementary schools to qualify as a 4-STAR school!

A big thank you to all of the home support from families in the Durbin community!

Testing Schedule This Week

We are edging closer to the end of testing, this is the final week of ISTEP testing. YES!!!

I'm very proud of how hard the class has been working on ISTEP thus far. All students appear to share my passion of keeping Durbin a 4-STAR school! Please keep sending in notes to your child if they have run out. It really means a lot to the kids! The outpouring of love and support has been tremendous through this long testing period.

This is our testing schedule for this week:

Monday, May 4 - ISTEP Testing (ELA 4B) - 2:00-2:55

Work Time - 55 minutes

Wednesday, May 6 - ISTEP Testing (ELA 5A) - 2:00-2:55

Work Time - 50 minutes

Friday, May 8 - ISTEP Testing (ELA 5B) - 2:00-2:55

Work Time - 50 minutes

Here is our testing schedule for the Week of May 11-15:

Monday, May 11 - NWEA Math Testing - 10:45-11:30 (Part 1), 2:45-3:30 (Part 2)

Work Time - average student should take 60 minutes to complete, but all students have an unlimited amount of time to complete the NWEA

Wednesday, May 13 - NWEA ELA Testing - 1:45-2:45

Work Time - average student should take 60 minutes to complete, but all students have an unlimited amount of time to complete the NWEA

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Homework This Week

NO Homework ALL WEEK

Bonus Work all week is highly encouraged and here are a couple options for the class:

If you want extra reading and language arts practice:

1) Work on IXL.com and try to master each skill under 3rd and 4th grade.

2) Try some reading online practice tests (see left hand column). Practice Website

If you want extra math practice:

1) Work on the Khan Academy - Khan Academy Link

2) Work on various math review tests using this link and send me your results (see right hand column). Practice Website

If you want to be a math master:

1) Practice your math facts on Math Magician. Email me screenshots or send me your results in an email.

2) For non-flash player devices or tables, download "Quick Math" or any Free Math Facts App and send me your results.

2) Paper math facts are available by request. I print my sheets from MathDrills.com.

Curriculum Updates

This week in math, we will...
*Review measurement with length, capacity, weight, and mass using both customary and metric units. Study guides were completed on Friday, May 1st and will be sent home to review on Monday, May 4. We will also review in class on Monday and make 3x5 notecards to be used during the test to help with the amount of equations included in Topic 14. Our test over Topic 14 will be on Tuesday, May 5.

This week in reading and language arts, we will...

*Review drawing conclusions.

*Practice more Greek and Latin roots and other common prefixes and suffixes.

*Work on our Non-Fiction research papers and presentations.

This week in science, we will...

*Resume measuring and simple machines discussion.

*Start monitoring our plants and seeds. Learn more about plants and nature.

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Conner Prairie Field Trip is This Week, Thursday, May 7

Dear Parents & Students:

Our field trip to Conner Prairie is scheduled for Thursday, May 7. Please send your child with appropriate clothing/hats/sunscreen/etc.

Don't forget to pack your lunch Thursday unless you signed up for the school's lunch option.

Need a Book Series Recommendation?

Parents & Students:

One of the challenges I face as a teacher is which book series to recommend reading next for 3rd graders. I found a great post from one of my favorite teacher/reading blogs that I want to share with all of you. Here are some great options for spring and summer reading!