Community Conversations

October 2022

Dear Methacton Families,

Methacton School District is proud to earn continuous recognition for excellence in providing an outstanding public school education. The prestigious US News and World Report recently ranked Methacton High School in the top 10% of all public high schools in the Commonwealth and in the top 10% of public high schools nationally.

The focus of the Methacton School District Strategic Plan is to improve upon our reputation of excellence with a vision for the future that considers the academic, safety, facilities, communications, athletics and activities, and the overall experience for students, parents, staff and the community.

The Methacton High School is arguably among one of the most prominent attributes of this school district. However, as a physical plant, the original 1960s structure along with the entire building challenges outlined in the 2016 facilities assessment show that significant upgrades, replacements, and renovations are required in the next 2-10 years to maintain this building/campus.

Given the timing, costs, and potential academic disruption that these physical plant challenges produce, we must consider the long-term impact of these investments and their resulting outcomes.

The vision for the future must be ambitious, realistic, and must take into consideration the short and long-term benefits of any investment. It must consider our students, staff, and community for the next 25-plus years. It must consider the future world of work for students and staff and what the research defines as best practices in teaching and learning. It needs to consider these factors while also recognizing the need for greater flexibility and the ability to adapt over time.

As outlined in our strategic plan, there is a clear and pervasive perspective from well over 100 plus students, staff, parents, and community members who agree that -- aside from the required maintenance of our high school -- significant improvements to the building and campus aesthetics along with increased building and campus safety and security are extremely important. Furthermore, the plan specifies the need to:

  • appropriately size and equip the auditorium;
  • provide adequate parking and improved traffic flow on campus;
  • provide a Fabrication/STEM Lab as a central hub for all curricular disciplines;
  • provide permanent spectator seating and lighting at the softball/baseball fields;
  • renovate the tennis courts, swimming pool and all respective restroom, locker/team rooms; and,
  • add a health and wellness center equipped to support the athletic programs, student physical education programming, and the health and wellness of students and staff.

Recently, the Methacton High School was scheduled to undergo significant renovation of its HVAC systems including the classroom unit ventilators, piping, boilers and chillers. It is estimated that the project would cost approximately $40 million dollars and would bring much disruption during the 2.5 to 3 years until completion. In the end, this 2.5 to 3 year project, if implemented, would result in an update to the HVAC systems with improved humidity control. That work, while important, would fundamentally determine all future improvements to the building in the subsequent 25-plus years.

Improvements at the high school must come with the consideration of what is best for the long term. The same 2.5- to 3-year construction disruption could be structured to accomplish several to all of the strategic initiatives while also addressing HVAC. This would provide a significant positive school and community result to realize our vision for the future and cement our competitive attractiveness for years to come.

Over the next several months, I will be sharing with the Board and public a pathway forward to address our maintenance needs of this building and campus while also capturing the appropriate the vision for the future of Methacton High School.

In other OUTSTANDING district news...

Alumni Spotlight

George Croner, MHS '71 is the featured graduate for the month of October in our Alumni Spotlight series! Mr. Croner says Methacton was the center of his family’s universe. Find out why and learn about his extraordinary life and career in our latest Alumni Spotlight feature story:

Now let’s take a look at some of the events and achievements that took place across the district in October...



Thank you to Arrowhead Home & School for a wonderful Trunk-or-Treat event!
Big picture

Thank You Thompson Family for Donating a Beautiful Balloon Display for Back to School Night

Pre-K students wanted a picture in front of our special balloons!

Gym Time at Arrowhead

Arrowhead's new gymnasium is ready for energetic students!


4L Pass the Pumpkin | Music Class | October 2022

October Music Class!

Mr. Landis' music class explored tuneful singing, xylophones, and all things spooky during this month's classes.

Go Phillies!

Eagleville celebrated the Philadelphia Phillies with a Phillies spirit day!
Big picture

Nurturing the Kindness Tree

The Kindness Tree in Mrs. Lewullis' Kindergarten class is growing, growing, GROWING!


Big picture

Fall Is Here!

Thank you to our Homeroom Parents for making our Fall Festival a BLAST!
Shubh Din Dance

4th Graders Dance at Woodland

Woodland students in Mrs. Engler's class put together this dance performance video to showcase the meaning behind the Diwali celebration.

WOW Bucks

Congratulations to this month's WOW Bucks recipients!


Big picture

Trunk-or-Treat Success!

The Trunk-Or-Treat was a huge success! Thank you to all who attended, and thank you to those who decorated their car for the event. A special thank you also goes to the Worcester Fire Company for hosting, and to the Ladies Auxiliary for organizing this event!
Big picture

Safety Patrol

Worcester introduced their 2022-2023 school year's Safety Patrol Members!

After School Sports

Students enjoyed after school sports in beautiful weather!


Skyview Strong Fundraiser

Skyview began our Skyview Strong Fundraiser on October 11th! Our students have set a goal to raise $20,000!

5th Grade Researchers

AYE AYE MATEY, Skyview 5th graders researched, explored, and created pirate boats.

5th & 6th Graders Enjoyed Crazy Sock Day!

Big picture

Pet Rock Project

Sixth grade students described characteristics of pet rocks!


PAC Champions!

Congratulations to Arcola's Boys Cross Country Team and their coach, Mr. Ron Schnabel. The team went undefeated and became the 2022 PAC Team Champions!

Unity Day

Arcola celebrated Unity Day! Unity Day focuses on kindness, acceptance, and inclusion. This campaign was designed to raise awareness of the long-lasting effects that bullying has on children and change the perception that bullying is just a part of growing up. It promotes joining together to create healthier communities. We asked students to wear orange that day to show their support for Unity Day.

8th Grade Art

Eighth graders used iPad Pros in the Art Room thanks to a grant from the Methacton Education Foundation (MEF)! Students experimented with different lighting and took photos of pumpkins. Artists then used an app to draw the contour lines of their pumpkins.


Congratulations PAC Doubles Championships & District Doubles Tournament!

Girls tennis stars Hana Nouaime and Alice Liang won the PAC Doubles Championships AND District Doubles Tournament.


We had an amazing week as we celebrated Homecoming! A tremendous thank you to our Student Council and to Mrs. Palmer and Mrs. Griffith for their time, energy, and dedication to making sure we had a great week! From spirit week, to the pep rally, to the powderpuff football game, to the dance, and then to the football game on Friday- we had an action-packed week!