English 10B

Week 4 March 26- 30

We are making progress!

Tenth graders are working hard to learn about literacy narratives. This week will be no exception! They will get a mini break from English early this week as Mrs. Aalderks will be guiding students through college and career planning during our class. Something I love about the literacy narrative project we are currently working on is that it is a commonly-used assignment in college composition classes to assess writing abilities. GR students will have a head start on this genre of writing!

What's Ahead This Week

Monday & Tuesday Mrs. Aaderks will be visiting our class for college and career guidance. On Tuesday, I will be giving an assignment for students to work on in place of classes for these days so we don't lose too much time with the literacy narrative material.

Wednesday We begin class reviewing colon usage and completing a short in-class worksheet on colons. Then, we will review literacy narrative text structures with the assignment given on Tuesday. Students will have a chance to demonstrate what they know about text structures and how to identify the structure of a work.

Thursday Students will engage in a series of writing prompts that will engage them with each of the text structures we have learned about so far in class. This activity is meant to help students ease into the writing process, as all next week will be focused on writing their own literacy narrative.

Friday No School!


Monday 3/26 If students did not finish the in class work on "Straw Into Gold" on Friday, it is due on Monday at the start of class (upload to Canvas).

Wednesday "Identifying Text Structure Review" (Canvas)

Weekend Homework Colon Practice Worksheet (on paper)

Conferences and College/Career Planning

Monday & Tuesday

Conferences will be held from 4-8 p.m. in the commons. If you cannot make it to conferences, please contact me with any questions you have about my class. I would love to hear from as many families as possible.

Mrs. Aalderks will be hosting college and career planning night on Monday from 6-8 p.m. in the auditorium for tenth and eleventh graders.

Get cozy with a book this week!

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