February Tech News

Everything you need to know in February all in one place!

January's Tech Challenge was a Success!

14 teachers participated in the Interactive Whiteboard Challenge! I know many of you use your whiteboard daily in class and with your students so please don't hesitate to ask me to give you a badge!

February's Tech Challenge

Digital Learning Day is February 17th! Teachers and students around our nation will be celebrating by trying something new with their students on this day! But, why not celebrate all week! Mrs. Sweeting and I are teaming up for this challenge! You have a chance to win free gift cards and earn a Digital Learning Day Badge for your door!

All you have to do is select a few things off of the "digital menu" that we will e-mail out to earn points. Use those tools throughout the week of February 15th - 19th! We will sign off, tally the points and announce the winners! You don't need to sign up to participate, just turn in your completed menu by the end of the school day on February 19th! Questions? Ask me or Michelle!

Want more information about Digital Learning Day? Click this link!

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Blended Learning in My Classroom

Monday, Feb. 15th, 7:30am

Mitchell's Room

This session is during grade level planning times.

Come make something amazing for your students to access at home. It can be starting a blog, making a video, or organizing a Onedrive Folder and sharing it with your students. The point is...do you students have access to what's going on in your classroom when they are at home? Come to this productive session where we will take one lesson and flip it for your students! Please bring a lesson to flip to this session! Bonus, you'll get points for Digital Learning Week by attending!

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Office 365 Booster Shot!

Need a Office 365 tune up? Come to the session in the PDC on February 17th to get a refresher! It will be a 30-minute long session and will start promptly at 2:35pm and end at 3:05pm. We will save files to Onedrive, sync your Onedrive and work with Office 365 tools. You'll get points for Digital Learning Week by attending!
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Please Watch the Student News

If you haven't already noticed, we have a new news crew at SBMS! Thank you to Ms. Heintzelman for choosing such great kids. They are fun, creative, and respectful! Please take 5 minutes at the end of each day to watch the student news. The kids work very hard to make it interesting and come up with segments. Thank you!

Important Dates to Remember for Technology

Feb 5th - Tech Cafe for Students during lunch

Feb 15th - Blended Learning PD in Mitchell's room - Grade level meeting times

February 15th - 19th - Digital Learning Week - Please fill out as many items as you can on your menu! Menus will be given out Monday, February 8th!

February 17th - Office 365 Booster Shot - PDC - 30 minute session

February 19th - Tech Cafe for students during lunch

Core Instruction Documents

The district office has asked that we revise our Grade Level/Department Level Core Instruction Documents. Each school is being asked to do this. Please e-mail these to Kelly Mitchell by Monday, February 22nd.

Tech Cafe Procedures and Digital Detention

Tech Cafe is on Club Days during lunch times. How should the kids sign up because the attendance is low? New students need to come. Students having log in issues, navigation issues, etc need to come.

Digital Detention is for SEVERE infractions that have been addressed by Admin and is for repeat offenders. It is the same days as club days unless otherwise notified. The student will have a Citation from me or Mrs. Sweeting.