Being swole since The 1800's

The beginning of a revolutionary material

Steel has been a revolutionary material that helped and is still helping America and other countries to this day. Steel has been around for thousands of years. They have found some weapons dating nearly 4,000 years old. Making steel wasn't an easy process and was costly. Steel was invented by mixing cast iron which alone is not that strong with other materials like carbon or chromium. The metal is then heat treated to give it more strength. Then Henry Bessemer created a new revolutionary process that was cheap . It involved using oxygen to burn of impurities in the iron to make it steel. It was a revolutionary idea that changed the steel making process. They then learned that steel forming steel into I beams gives it the ability to take on more loads for building tall buildings. Steel in the past and and nowadays has been an amazing building material. Without steel there would be no skyscrapers or bridges crossing large gaps. Without steel there would be no modern day America like today.
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