Mrs. Lieu

My Kite

This is a kite that my group wants to make. It is called a dragon kite.It Is a square or a diamond shape with a long tail.


This is what the kitre will look like

problem one

The largest kites built in Japan are flown in Hoshubana every May. The kites are 36 feet wide and 48 feet tall with bridle lines more than 100 feet long. It takes fifty members of the O-dako (Giant Kite) Association of Hoshubana to launch this giant creation. Each team member is suitably uniformed in a traditional festival jacket that matches the kite. The kite is made from individual pieces of rice paper, each glued together at the edges. If each sheet is 18 inches wide and 24 inches tall, how many sheets are needed to create the sail of this Japanese kite? 4

Problem 2

The Bugatti.

This is my kite we made in science class and we named it the Bugatti it was roberts idea. This helped us with our kite by choosing designs and different items to add on the kite.