Hedgcoxe Hounds

Monday Memo September 19 to September 25

We have LOTS of birthdays this week! We hope you ALL have a GREAT Week! Happy Birthday!!

Monday Sept. 19

Progress Reports

Senior High Open House Tonight

StuCo Officer Candidates start hanging posters

2:45-4:15 Art Class- Room D101

3:00-4:00 Chess Club- PTA Workroom


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Tuesday Sept. 20

StuCo- Pre-approved Speeches DUE by 3:00 PM

8:00-9:00 Parenting Class, "Setting Limits and Following Through"



5:00-6:00 4th Grade Writing Night- Music Room

Wednesday Sept. 21

7:00-7:45 Clark High Kitty Clinic- Front Entrance

2:45-4:15 Art Class- Room D101

3:15-4:45 Team Leader Meeting

Thursday Sept. 22

8:00-9:30 StuCo Speeches and Election

2:45-4:15 Art Class- D101

3:00-3:30 Hound Club Meeting: 3rd through 5th Teachers- Conference Room

Friday Sept. 23

7:45 Introduce New StuCo Officers on HHTV

ESL Corner: by Nina

Check out MLP if you're interested in attending- Looks like there is availability....It’s this Thursday!!

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Ed's Tech Tips: Global Address Book

Within Microsoft Outlook’s email application, there are several address books from which you can choose.

The most comprehensive of these address books is the Global Address Book.

In order to make the Global Address book your default, follow these steps:

From the Home tab, select "Address Book": (on the far right, under Find a Contact)

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From the Address Book screen, select "Tools" (near top left)
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When the Tools dialog box opens, select “Options"

On the bottom of this box, you will see a dialog box which shows “When opening the address book, show this address list first:”

Use the pull-down menu to select “Global Address List”

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Select, "OK" and you're done.


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Shout Outs!

Shelley and Sarah! Thanks for always being on top of things and being the best teammates ever!

5th grade team and Vickie Vaughn for taking such good care of the 5th graders during camp and always with a smile!

Amazing job by all staff that went to 5th grade camp (we know it was hard work)! Everyone created lasting memories, learned a lot and had a great time!!! Stephanie, Adrian, Lynda, Vickie, Laura & Maria

HUGE shout out to Mrs. Gallastegui for taking care of our sweet Kindergarteners. Your smile and presence has been so helpful!

Shout out to Lisa Long. What would Kindergarten do without you? Thank you so much for all of your help in these first few weeks of school! You are awesome J

Maria: for always being so positive and smiling ALL the time! It is so nice having you here!

Ed: for always helping me with whatever I need!

When you view a PE, Art, or Music class the first thing one thinks of is “Those students are sure having fun!” But did you know each of our specialists is a top teacher in his/her curricular field. We are blessed to have this team here at our school teaching our students! You are Awesome Special Team!

Did you know that last week was “Dot Day?” The students spent their art time creating a dot design on specially colored dots. They were then put on display in a most majestic rainbow dot design on the wall outside the Art room. We have one very creative art teacher right here on our campus! And our students reap the benefits! Mrs. Glass, you are amazing! We are glad you are a Hedgcoxe Hound!

Nina- for loving each and every student she has.

Mercedes- always jumping in with a smile and being so positive!

Shout out to Tasmin for being a GREAT addition to the ELC!

Thank you Ms. Losoya for planning an awesome Collin County Adventure Camp experience for your 5th graders!

Thank you to Coach Ezekiel Vaughn for planning an awesome Camp Hedgcoxe for our 5th graders!

Mrs. Watson and Ms. G win the awards for newbee campers! They were troopers!

One more shout out to Nurse Key for making sure our 5th graders received proper care while at camp!

Shout out to Mrs. Prince for attending the Holyfield Outdoor Learning Center with Camp Hedgcoxe!