5th Grade News

February 16 - 26, 2016

Important Dates

Tuesday, February 16: Read-a-thon envelopes due today!

Thursday, February 18: SS Field Trip to Chinmaya Mission (CANCELLED due to illness)

Thursday, February 18: Capital Area Food Bank Tour (1/2 grade level)

Friday, February 19: Capital Area Food Bank Tour (1/2 grade level)

Friday, February 19: PE Field Trip to Upper School

Friday, February 19: Parent Workshop on Girls' Friendships (8:00 am - 9:30 am)

Looking Ahead:

Monday, February 29: Solo and Ensemble Recital for Band Students (see below)

Tuesday, March 8: NELE Latin Exam (all students)

Tuesday, March 8: Field Trip to Fo Xiang Yun Temple Austin

Thursday, March 24: 5th Grade Field Trip to San Antonio

March 31 - April 1: 5th Grade Field Trip to McKinney Roughs

Monday, April 4: 5th Grade Theater Play (7:00 pm)

Academic Updates

Language Arts:

Students will meet during DEAR time for book clubs. They will continue to focus on parts of speech in their writing by using picture prompts and writing responses to reading. Students will also study Mem Fox's Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge as a mentor text to work on creating metaphors. They will eventually use the metaphors to create a poem. Finally, students will read and discuss a myth in their Junior Great Books anthology. They will begin to recognize elements of a myth.


Students will continue to work on solving problems that involve adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions and mixed numbers. Their investigations began with fraction models that will lead to a better understanding of the strategies they will use.

Social Studies:

Students are well into their study of Ancient India. They have learned about the origins of Hinduism and Buddhism, as well as the achievements of the Ancient Indians. Students are looking forward to the field trip to Chinmaya Mission (see picture above) on Thursday, February 18th.


Students just wrapped up their first round of rotations with their homeroom teachers. Highlights included building complete circuits and using lamps and globes to model the solar system.


As students continue to prepare for the NELE on March 8th, they are studying Roman houses. They have been learning the names of the parts of the house and how the house's layout relates to Roman daily life. Additionally, students have been designing their own Roman houses by drawing floor plans and describing their design choices and the house's main features.

Community Service Opportunities

Upcoming Dates:

Tuesday, 2/16: Balloon Volleyball at The Retirement and Nursing Center

Thursday, 2/25: Mentoring children at The Open Door Preschool (Ballon Homeroom)

Friday, 2/26: Creek Clean Up on Shoal Creek (3A and 4A Boys Basketball Team Trips)

Tuesday, 3/8: Stocking food at Hope Food Pantry

Contact Ms. Zivin for more info or sign up directly using this link.

Focus on the Arts: Band

The 5th Grade Band and Orchestra students gave a fabulous concert at the US DPAC on January 24! Bravo!

Band students are very excited to present their class' "Solo and Ensemble Recital" in a few weeks. Join their regularly scheduled band class on Monday, February 29th for a special "Leap Year" recital featuring solos and ensembles from every student. The brass class will have their recital at 8:15 am and the woodwind class will have theirs at 10:25 am. All family, friends, grandparents, and special guests are welcome!
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