Nick McGowan

Sydney, Australia

airfare cost and schedule

I will depart from Denver at 11:18 am and go to San Francisco. You will hang out their for a few hours and then make your way to Australia. It is a one stop trip and you will land in Australia at 6:19 Friday Morning. this trip will cost you $2015 for the two of you to get their. that is just for flying so it will be a little more with food and other things. this will be a relaxing flight so you wont be to cozy on the flight.


I will be staying a the Swissotel hotel. It has everything it has a pool that has lawn chairs surroundings it and a nice rectangle pool. it has a nice relax area in the lobby. it has a nice sofa.Most importantly it has a amazing view of the beautiful city. this hotel rated a 5 star hotel and everybody has rated it well. If you want a nice hotel this is the one you want then. It is right in the city so you wont have to take a taxi you can walk to everything. All their workers are very nice and you will have a great time.


The helicopter tour is amazing you have a breathtaking view of the city and if you take a picture you will be staring at it for days.

Next I will take a ride of my life on a boat. it is a tour of the city but on water.

Lastly I will go sky high in a hot air balloon I will see the most breath taking view of the whole city.

Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

One problem on your trip can be lose your passport. If this happens to you go to a passport agent and get a new passport so you can get home. If you go their they will get you another one. Just make sure you have everything in your belongings.Many people believe that a new passport on vacation would be a lot of cold hard cash but it on $140 for 1 adult.


Finally I will have to say if I ever went on this trip I would have so much fun. As you see can on my fayer their is so much things you can do. One thing that I did not say on my that is really relaxing is just hanging out on the beach. Their was so many flights to take but decided two stops where to much so I got the one stop flight. People in Australia would be so much fun with there accents. Even-tough it will cost lot of money but you might never get to do this again. So if you have a little mix up with your passport make sure you go get another one.