Lineville intermediate School Tech

By Andrew P. Atnip

Typing Warm up

  • It helps to get warmed up for typing in technology to get ready for all of the typing and to get your hand ready for anything
  • They also have more than one theme to spice things up a bit
  • I have also found out that the way they grade it was through accuracy


  • At first I found it difficult at first then caught on later on and found quite easy
  • Then pictures where a lot easier to import and the style really starts to catch on later on so just go for it
  • Last it was a bit of a time crunch later on and need to get it out faster andhad to try harder

Haiku Deck

  • At first I realized that on the computer it was a pain but on the iPad it was a lot easier so try the iPad its easier in my opinion
  • The haiku was hard to find things then it started to get very easy if you search it specifically you find things easier
  • Then it was hard to figure out the switch from iPad to PC was hard to figure out how to use it but i eventually got the hang of it

Explain everything

  • Explain everything is a iPad program that allows you to record your voice and the screen while in the app
  • I have also found out that there is away to delete some things in the footage if you mess up
  • there is also a pointer to point some things out

  • is a site that you can use to learn coding
  • It has very easy and fun to add the blocks together
  • The Website is a place were coding is turned into premade code turned into block form and you make the codes with blocks and there are little videos to help you out along the way