Snowy owl

Snowy owl chicks wait on their tundra nest for a parent to return with food.The feathers on a snowy owl's coat match white stuff this helps it wait for a prey.The snowy owl's coloring lets it hide in plain sight in the Arctic while sitting on the ground.


Snowy owls spend a lot of time and energy hunting to provide food for growing owl's.
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Eyes And Ears

Owls have very large eyes. Owls can change the focus on their eyes rapidly and see great distances.At night their pupils get big this allows more light to enter into their eyes,giving them unusually good vision in the dark.


Most owls rely on their hearing for hunting rather then their excellent vision.Their ears are behind their facial disk feathers.These disks act like disk antennas to funnel sound to their ears.Owls are constantly turning their heads to hear better.Owls can't move their eye stocks.