Video Games-Babysitters for Kids!

Advertising negatively influences violence to kids games.


“Video games and computers have become the babysitters for kids -Taylor Kitsch. In the millions of video games in the markets, many are filled of violence and gorey content. Most of these games are rated “M” for mature 17+, but usually end up in the innocent hands of young children. Advertising and the media negatively influences violence to kids in video games.


Children are exposed to violent video games at an early age. Many of violent games are realistic shooting games like Call Of Duty, Battlefield, CSGO, Halo, and Killzone. Other games just incorporate too much gore like Grand Theft Auto, Destiny, and Farcry. “Since the 1980's, many people have expressed concern that playing violent games could increase aggression, desensitize children to violence, and promote violence as a means of resolving conflict” (Squire, 23). A majority of today’s modern video games are restricted to only seventeen year olds, but a lot of copies of these games end up in the wrong hands. Many children that are not even eligible for “T” for teen rated games are playing “M” rated games. Young children are exposed and introduced to violent games at to an early age.


We can solve this issue by having parents be warned about the maturity level of the product. For example Call Of Duty Black Ops 2, there are 9 year old’s playing the game. I had experience when I was playing Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 I always used to hear these 20 year olds and then randomly a 9 or 7 year old kid starts talking and is like “ Hey guys lets do this”. The effect of kids playing “M” rated games makes the community disruptive. I think parents should take care of their children and see what kind of games were playing so videogames won't influence the mind of children in a bad way so they will not swear in the future. The benefit is that we don't have a bad community we would have a nice and calm community.

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In the Twenty-First Century, the video game industry has adopted many violent and gory video games that are reaching out and getting into the minds of young children. Little kids need to play less hours of games in their childhood and focus on education, rather than ruin their little minds with swear words and guns. Video game retailers in the media need to re-inforce the rating system, young kids shouldn't be playing Call Of Duty, they would be better rather off playing Angry Birds or Super Mario games. Follow the positive mind set and don't mess up the minds of little kids.

Violent Video Games Harm Children's Brains, Study Finds