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Jen's Biz Bit's for January!

Welcome Freedom Warriors

Welcome to our first news letter! This is one of the many tools you will have to help you stay connected and be successful! I am very excited about this. You can expect to see a topic of discussion along with a call to action for you.

Why is my WHY so important?

We all know that success leaves clues. It does require some time to figure out who you connect with and then to find out what clues they have to help you in your journey. As I was doing some research for "Finding your Why" I came across Simon Sinek who is the author of Start with Why. A few things he said really stuck with me.

"Profit is a result." I have been guilty of desiring the financial rewards too much at times. But knowing the Profit is the result of knowing your WHY, there is a mindset shift that begins once you grasp the concept. Exciting stuff!

"People don't buy what you do. They buy WHY you do it." Wow what a statement! Still wondering why we keep talking about how important YOUR WHY is?

Hungry for more on how to figure out your WHY and how it will change everything in your life? Great! Watch for an invite to listen in to a call where we will go more in depth to get you focused in on your WHY!

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It's time to take inventory and find your WHY! This is what I have learned from personal experience, your WHY has to give you chills! Put tears in your eyes and have an impact that blows your mind. For example, I always said my WHY is my kids and my family. While I do feel it is important to follow your dreams and set that example for my kids. I knew deep down that if I did succeed or failed it really wouldn't make a huge difference in our daily life. Before Le-Vel we lived off of one income which we could do again if needed. So for me the WHY wasn't big enough. I have figured out my WHY but, you'll have to wait for the call to hear it. As this New Year begins take time to reflect to find your WHY!

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Promoters in the Minneapolis area join us January 28th with CEO Jason Camper. You are not going to want to miss this event!

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