Tech Tip Tuesday

December 2014 Edition

Sketchlot - December 2, 2014

Sketchlot ( is a free service that allows teachers and students to create a sketch/diagram/picture that can be shared and marked up. There are so many uses for Sketchlot. Math teachers can send a math problem to students and students send it back with their work. Science teachers can start a diagram and students can finish it. It can be used for students to collaborate on a mind map. Sketchlot can be used on computers as well as on tablets/portable devices. Teachers have to sign up to use the service and then they can add their students to a class.

Big Huge Lab Trading Card Generator

One web 2.0 tool that has limitless applications is Big Huge Lab's Trading Card Generator ( Students can upload a picture and create a trading card for the picture. One way I thought science could use it is maybe a picture of an element and in the description part of the card they have to define it and give an example. The cards could be used for review or BINGO. The cards can be downloaded into a jpeg image or shared via e-mail.