mandatory pledge in school

why the pledge shouldn't be mandatory

why is it mandatory

The pledge is mandatory in school unless you have a not from your parent,but forcing kids to say the pledge is wrong, and unconstitutional don't believe me then read my flier, and I bet you'll change you're mind.

Freedom of Speech

Also forcing kid to say the pledge is against freedom of speech because if they do not believe what they are being forced to say in the pledge the it against freedom of speech.How would you feel if you were forced to say something you didn't believe in front of a lot of people.

Freedom of religion

The pledge also is against freedom of religion (if you are forced to say it). Lets say there is a child in class who is being forced to say the pledge if he/she does not believe in god that person might be offended, get in religious trouble with there parents, or evan sew the school/district (it has happened).

Advantages to forced the pledge

There are some advantages to forcing kids to say the pledge it builds patriotic spirit, and makes you feel pride for you country (some times). Also it does provide some discipline to the students especially around the teen years when kids get less respectful.But the goods are over balancing the problem its against the individual freedom of american citizen its against the rights layer out by the constitution so forcing kids to say the pledge is unconstitutional.

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Do you think that they should allow kid to choose if they want to say the pelage at school?

yah because, if they are polytheistic or don't think god exists.

Is it right to force kids to say the pledge if they don't agree with what they are being forced to say or if its agains their religion?

Its not right because, there are bing forced to say something they don't agree with, also it might teach them that they can force people to do stuff but they can't

what do you think?