Oak Hills Through Our Eyes

March 1st Grade

Here at Oak Hills, our 1st graders have grown so much since September! Here is a peak at what we have been working on and learning in Mrs. Fluken, Ms. McLaurin, Mrs. Stulbaum and Miss Smith's class!

Buddy Class!

Miss Smith and Mrs. Stulbaum's class had so much fun learning how to type their first writing with our buddies in Mrs. Barnes class! After we wrote a narrative on what it would be like to go to school under the sea, our buddies sat with us and taught us how to navigate a Google Document!

Work Places

Aiden and Spencer from Mrs. Stulbaum’s class are playing a game from work places. Aiden said “we are learning all about different shapes like hexagons, triangles and trapezoids.” Spencer said, “ work place games are a fun way to practice and learn math.”

Big picture

W.I.N. time! (What I Need)

In our WIN cycle, our focus was on learning to model our mathematics! In one of our small groups, we were able to draw on the tables to show grouping and ungrouping blocks of 10!

Writing Opinions in Mrs. McLaurin's Class!