June Tasks

Now is my Turn!!!

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Roots Event

The Meeting was a blessing today after all the work when I saw the church full, I was so happy and it only confirmed that together we can make a difference.

Many of my guests came, about 25 members and 2 people for the first time. You can see their pictures below, I invited them in the market when I was selling my things for my sacrifice. She was wearing my earrings my necklace and my bag. I was so happy because I was able to sell my things in the market and also bring 2 souls from there. The Muslin woman was very scared when she saw a demon manifested and was holding my hand very strongly during the prayer. I am sure she was touched and will never forget what she heard, she will travel to Algeria soon but she had her opportunity to know Jesus. The other is Linda, she was in love with the church and said she will be coming regularly :)

Inviting the members after the meeting

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First Time in the church


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Fundraising Task

I raised 50.00 doing nails and hair and 15.00 for my monthly donation.

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3 steps to be always a reference.

Have priorities_ My relationship with God is the most important thing.

Look forward _ Learn with my mistakes and move on.

Trust_ Always trust in the plans of God for my life because He is control of everything.


My real family are those who are around me serving our Lord Jesus. So I have being more aware of their needs. I noticed that sometimes we get so distracted and we don't see that here in Finsbury Park sometimes the wives come for the meetings and don't have nothing to eat. So together we prepared coffee for them.

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Here in Finsbury Park we have a great need for cleaning products. So myself, Rafaela and Helena asked the Fundraising department to make a letter so we can go to the shops and ask for donations.

We managed to get some but we need to work harder this month to change this situation.

Our aim is to have shops to donate products every month so we don't need to be asking only the members. So we can be a reference of how to work with the letters.

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This month I was more active in the community, I know this is my duty but I was not using it as I should have done.