Vietnam War Webquest

What were the people's reactions to the war at home?


This WebQuest will explore the implications of the Vietnam War in the United States. You will answer the questions listed on Google Classroom by viewing the materials below.

Politics Surrounding the Vietnam War

The Draft

  1. Read this article about the draft.
  2. Click on "Browse Stories" and choose one story from the list to read written by someone drafted to serve in the military.
  3. Click on "Lottery Facts" and read the short article.
  4. Click on "Top 10" to see a list of individuals who avoided the draft and how they "dodged" the draft.

**Alternative readings (if link above doesn't work):

26th Amendment

View the 26th Amendment below. (click here to read the text of the amendment)

The Public's Reaction to the War

The Anti-War Movement

Student Protests

Student Protests

  1. Read paragraphs 1 and 4 of this article on student protests.
  2. Watch the video (embedded below) over the Kent State Protests.
Vietnam War: Protest-Kent State

Silent Majority

Credibility Gap

  1. View this student-prepared Prezi over the Credibility Gap.
    (Don't worry, we've checked it for accuracy!)
Big image

My Lai Massacre

The Vietnam War in the Courtroom


Based on what you have learned about the Vietnam War you must now decide if you would have been a Hawk, supporting the war, or a dove, against the war. Fill in the decision tree on your handout using the information that you have learned in this activity.