Welcome to Data Entry

- Mrs. Hageman -

Spring Semester is Under Way!

Welcome to Touch Systems Data Entry!! I am looking forward to the coming semester with your child. I believe that the classroom should be a welcoming environment that encourages learning through discovery. We are fortunate in RISD to have classroom technology that supports such an environment. Our West labs are loaded with fantastic software that will assist us in our learning. This course will introduce your student to skills he/she will use through school and even his/her career.

My classes are business-themed classes, the teacher representing the employer and the students the employees. Not only will we study the importance of computer use in school and work, but how to professionally interact and cooperate with one another. Each student must recognize the responsibility of care placed on them in my classroom, they are responsible for their machine.

Progress reports will be sent home the third week of each six-weeks. The report needs to be signed and returned within three school days. If not returned the student will receive a teacher detention.

Attached are the course policies. In my classroom there is room for flexibility concerning these policies as long as the student shows effort and cooperation. Please sign and return the attached sheet indicating your and your student’s awareness of the policies.

My conference is 4th period (11:30-12:25). I can be reached through e-mail,

jennifer.hageman@risd.org or through voicemail, 469-593-3668. Again, I look forward to the coming semester!

Thank you for your support,

Mrs. Hageman

Upcoming Activities this Semester!

Semester Overview

The first six weeks will focus on teaching your student to type. They will also learn Microsoft Word.

Second six weeks the required grade for speed and accuracy on their Friday final exam will be higher to challenge your child a bit more. Excel will be taught at this time and we will focus on researching colleges, cost of living expenses and how to use the AutoSum feature, creating pie charts, and importing and exporting data. Students will be working in www.texasrealitycheck.com as well as www.kuder.com to find out what potential jobs and fields of study they should look into later down the road.

Third six weeks will focus on taking all of the information they have studied and importing this into excel, and exporting the data into PowerPoint to create a 10 slide presentation. Students will be required to dress professionally for a presentation to the class telling us the two colleges they are looking to attend, the two jobs they are interested in, the costs and their expected living expenses.

The final exam will consist of the PowerPoint presentation grade, a timed typing exam and a test in sam.cengage.com covering Microsoft Word and Excel.