Eber Perla

Fostering a Growth Mindset through PD

Math and Science Integration

K-5 Professional Development on integrating math into science labs.

Professional Development included:

1. Science Math Labs

2. Sentence Stems

3. ELL Strategies

4. Anchor Charts

5. PD Materials

Math Anchor Charts

K-12 Professional Development on incorporating anchor charts to support good first instruction.

Professional Development included:

1. Anchor Charts

2. Follow up Learning Walks

3. PD Presentation

New Teacher Academy

K-12 Professional Development for Division 3 New Teachers on systems in DISD.

Professional Development included:

1. Math Routines

2. TEI Indicators

3. Technology

4. PD Materials

Building a Sense of Pride

Dallas ISD Convocation

Assisted with the planning and implementation of convocation for the North Dallas feeder.

Convocation included:

Building a Culture of High Expectations

About Eber

Educational Experience:

Academic Facilitator, North Dallas Feeder Pattern

Administrative Liaison, Austin Middle School

SMU Assistant Principal Intern, Austin Middle School

Math Teacher/Coach, Austin Middle School