News from D119!


Learning Time!

Wow! 5th grade moves fast! In our third week of school and we are already testing!

Math - We are continuing to study place value to the thousandths. We are now beginning to focus on comparing fractions, decimals, and whole numbers intertwined.

Science - We have had a great time experimenting with the scientific method, but we must move on to Ecosystems. If you have any 2 liter clear bottles, we need them for our ecosystems in a bottle.

Social Studies - We are still rebuilding the county and setting up history for segregation.

Reading and Writing - We have started our reading and writing groups. These groups are fluid and will be adjusted according to student needs.

Grades - HELP!

By now you have seen your child's bimonthly progress report. These reports will be emailed to you. I realize the format is a little different than you are use to seeing, but it saves me a world of time and paper work.

Let me offer some clarity. Your child will be scored on a 1,2,3,4 with P and NY's. P= proficient, the learner gets the skill and is ready to move on, any 3 will be awarded a P. NY = not yet, the learner needs more help with a particular skill. Any 1 or 2 will be given a NY. A score of 4 will only be given IF the learner is preforming all indicators for a standard at the next grade level.

So when you see the score (3/3) on the progress report - your child is proficient. If you see a (1/3) or (2/3) he/she needs more work. If you see 1 or 2 on the progress report, be reassured your child will be allowed to retest a minimum of three times prior to moving forward.

I will be glad to sit down to discuss this with you should you need further explanation.