Team Freatman All Hearts

May Newsletter 2015

Big things for May!!!

Ok - let's get right to it! Winter is over and it is time to come out of hibernation! :) Our Origami Owl designers that are new, our Canadian designers, and our designers who have stayed consistent in their businesses are ROCKING IT!!!!!! Hoot Hoot! They all have seen the excitement that our customers have for our new Spring line! You will see too that the Nest has pulled out all the stops to make our May the most successful yet!!!! Please keep checking your back office often and read your Hoot weekly to see all that is too come! And it is going to keep coming - they have so much planned for us!!!! Set your goals, decide how much income you would like to make each month and start filling your calendar, NOW!!!!

Check out the information below on how to earn thousands of dollars over the next few months from 4 new programs the Nest just announced! I am simply blown away at the ability for EVERYONE to do these! You will not be disappointed!!!

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Something for Everyone!!!

If you have not read your email from the Nest yet - don't wait!!! They have launched 4 - yes 4! new incentive programs to boost your business and in the process you could earn thousands!!!! I am not kidding - thousands. And these are doable programs for everyone! Please take a moment to log into your back office and watch the video by Sandy Spielmaker, our Chief Sales Officer. You will find the details for all of these programs in the news feed and also in the O2 Academy in the Auditorium. What I really want you to consider is this. The Nest could not foresee that our IT provider overseas was going to drop our account because we were not renewing our contract. We were a few months out from our contract being over and had to jump into a system that was still being created by our new provider unexpectedly. What I can say is that even though entering jewelry bars was difficult for a while, those designers that stuck with it did simply amazing. Our customers are loving the Spring product - probably our best launch to date! The Nest has come out with these programs to help you jump start your business and promote ahead. There will never be a better time to grow your business or relaunch it if you have taken a break. Our products are outstanding and the opportunity to earn huge bonuses is now!

Please consider what your future goals are for Origami Owl. Are you all in? Are you a leader that has not been providing for your team the mentoring that they signed up for? Are you a leader that no longer wishes to have that role? If so, did you know that you have the ability to step down as a leader so your team can move up to a leader that wishes to provide them with mentoring. You would email and request to be removed from your leadership role and just retain designer status. You can choose to be a designer and still have your hobby and your discounts.

Perhaps though, you have sat back from your leadership duties and you seriously want to pick things up and move forward. Then I suggest you seriously look at all of these programs and work with your mentor on a plan to earn the most and gain the most growth potential for your business. Then it is time to reach out to your first line and be sure they know about these programs, see if they have questions, and work with them in the same way your mentor worked with you. Please do not choose to sit aside and maintain a leadership position which then leaves your designers in a bind. Be courteous to others as you would have done to you so to say. :) It is my hope that you will see the potential before you and want to be present in your business again, but if you have outgrown the role (which is a personal decision and completely respected) then please email cg support so everyone can get the mentoring and recognition they deserve.

It is going to be a super exciting few months at Origami Owl and I can't wait to see your businesses SOAR!!!!

As I get ready to send this off - I am excited to announce that we had hundreds of ladies already earn these amazing cash bonuses at the end of April! Congrats to all!!!!