Fight for safety!

Based on the documentary "The Hunting Ground"

The Hunting Ground by Kirby Dick

The Hunting Ground is a documentary about sexual assault cover ups by collage campuses. This documentary was published in 2015 by Amy Ziering.

This is about the jury of young women to fight against the coverups by schools of rape and to get justice for the girls who were raped.

Though this documentary had a lot of potential and had a lot of data, it did not portray it in a good way and caused it to be a poor documentary.

The Purpose

The Hunting Ground is a documentary to bring attention to the problem about coverups by collages about sexual assault and rape. This documentary shows how the colleges would not punish the rapists and would go out of their way to silence people. At one point in the documentary it showed punishments for the rape one example was making a poster of how to approach a girl. The documentary shows how they exposed the problem for what it is, not just in their collages but in collages nation wide.

The people behind the documentary

Achieving the purpose

It did not achieve its purpose;

- It put a lot of facts on the table but with facts such as 1 in 5 women are sexually assaulted on college grounds. They bring this up one time and only for a few seconds before going to a new camera shot.

-The documentary starts with youtube videos of the girls reacting to getting accepted into collage, this does not put us into the proper mood for the type of information they are about to tell us and even makes the documentary seem more like a happy story.

- It follows law students through the process of trying to get help for the victims but it also lacks looking at the change of law and new laws implemented by the federal government to try to stop rape and sexual assault on college campuses. The federal government has been looking into the collages and rape accessions more.

How I feel about the documentary.

Rape is a serous problem on college campuses and should not be ignored. But this is not a good documentary on the topic, they barley cover how to truly make a change and how people can get support if they were raped. This is only one of many problems with the documentary, in fact I would say it was not a affective documentary at all. Though it brings up good points the way they are presented stops them from being seen. This documentary would have been more affective if they took the fluff out of it and stuck to facts. Though this problem does need to be fixed it can not be fixed by making it look like a small issue, witch is what this documentary did to the problem of collage sexual assault and rape. My mind has not changed on the topic at all and I hope one day we will get a documentary truly fitting for talking about this real problem.