America Adjust to Peace (pg.311)

By : Destiny Madden

To Sum Up

To begin, this section is about the causes of World War 1. As you know, the fight for imperialism has three main factors; political, military and economic power. Now, in this section the war produced economic, social, political and cultural changes within the US citizens. We have faced many controversial issues such as:

  • Diseases
  • Racial riots
  • Inflation

Flu Epidemic Grips the Nation:

The most specific disease that spread during this time was influenza. From previous research the disease came from a type of bird flu then had spread to humans. This was a very fast spreading disease. It was said that the disease mostly appealed to people in between ages 20 and 30. Influenza killed about 550,000 people, including about 50,000 soldiers. This disease had a really bad impact on peoples lives. Despite, the body aches people were also scared to go to public places. For protection, during this time period many people wore mask in the public to less the chance of influenza.

Women & African Americans Confront New Realities

After war the abundance of jobs decrease which made the strive of jobs a competition. Women and African Americans were specifically targeted at this. For instance there were less women women in the workforce than it was before the war.

This triggered to cause a lot of violence, mostly racial riots. For example, there was lynching, destructing of property, drownings and shootings.

Inflation Leads to Labor Unrest